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Instructional Materials Review and Approval

The new Instructional Materials Review and Approval (IMRA) process was enacted under House Bill (HB) 1605 (88th Texas Legislature, Regular Session, 2023) and brings new components to a single, SBOE-governed review of instructional materials.

IMRA Cycle 2024

IMRA Cycle 2024 includes full-subject, tier-one instructional materials intended for classroom-wide instruction to support all students in K–5 English Language Arts and Reading (ELAR), Spanish Language Arts and Reading (SLAR), and K–12 mathematics. Additionally, partial-subject, tier-one instructional materials for K–3 English and Spanish phonics are also up for the public to review.

An essential part of the IMRA process allows any resident of Texas to review any of the instructional materials under consideration for approval and submit written comments, report suspected factual errors, or report suitability concerns. The public comment period begins when the pre-approval program submissions are posted and ends on Friday, August 16, 2024.

Access Materials Under Review 

As a reminder, these materials are for review purposes only and may not be reproduced, distributed, publicly performed, publicly displayed, modified, transmitted, or derivative works made thereof, without the publisher’s prior written approval. Once a subject is selected, a pop-up message will be presented with an end-user license agreement acknowledgement. Consent must be granted to view materials. Choose a subject under review:

Provide Feedback About Materials

There are two ways to provide feedback about the instructional materials in the current IMRA cycle: 1. the public can provide written feedback online, and 2. attend an SBOE public hearing.

There are different forms depending on the type of feedback provided. If there are general comments, questions, or concerns, submit a public comment. If there are factual errors found in the instructional materials, submit a suspected factual error report. An error report should be submitted for each factual error found. If there are suitability concerns regarding a specific instructional material, submit a suitability flag. 

The SBOE will hold public hearings at the June 25–28, 2024, meeting and the September 10–13, 2024, meeting allowing citizens opportunities to provide oral testimony about instructional materials submitted for approval.

IMRA Rubrics

The SBOE approved quality IMRA rubrics for K–3 and 4–8 ELAR, K–3 and 4–6 SLAR, and K–12 mathematics at the January-February meeting. These rubrics will be used to evaluate instructional materials submissions for the inaugural IMRA review cycle.

The SBOE created and approved an IMRA suitability rubric at the January–February meeting.