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State Board of Education to Increase Texas History Instruction to Six Grade Levels

This significant increase in instruction will bring the history of the Lone Star State to students in four additional grade levels before they reach high school
AUSTIN, Texas – April 8, 2022 – At its April meeting, the State Board of Education voted to significantly increase instruction in Texas History. The board directed its Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) review work groups to include Texas-specific standards in Kindergarten-Grade 2, Grade 6, and Grade 8, and to keep Texas-specific standards as a focus for Grade 7. Currently, Texas History is taught in Grades 4 and 7; with this significant increase, students will study Texas and the people and events that define it in most grade levels prior to high school.

The next step is for the board’s TEKS review work groups to develop recommendations for the specific standards to be included at each grade level. 

The SBOE will discuss proposed revisions to social studies TEKS at its June meeting and is expected to adopt final revisions in November of this year.

To follow the review and revision process and/or to view proposed drafts, visit the 2021-2022 Social Studies TEKS Review webpage.