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January-February 2023 Committee on Instruction Item 6

Recommendations Regarding Renewal of Instructional Materials Contracts

February 3, 2023


SUMMARY: This item recommends renewal of instructional materials contracts that expire on August 31, 2023. This action is recommended to ensure that these materials remain available for distribution to school districts until replacements become available.

STATUTORY AUTHORITY: Texas Education Code (TEC), §31.026.

TEC, §31.026, requires the State Board of Education (SBOE) to execute contracts with publishers of adopted materials that coincide with the board's review cycle and that specify a price fixed for the term of the contract that does not exceed the lowest price paid by any other state or any school or school district.

The full text of statutory citations can be found in the statutory authority section of this agenda.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION AND JUSTIFICATION: Instructional materials included in Proclamation 2015 (social studies, grades K–12; high school mathematics; and fine arts, grades K–12) were adopted in November 2014.

Texas Administrative Code, §66.72(g), requires publishers awarded instructional materials contracts to be prepared to extend the contract period for not more than four years.

A list of instructional materials recommended for 2023–2027 renewal is provided in the Attachment. Current contracts for these materials will expire on August 31, 2023, and new instructional materials for the subject areas will not yet be adopted at that time.

MOTION TO BE CONSIDERED: The State Board of Education:

Renew contracts for instructional materials adopted under Proclamation 2015 in the subject areas and for the periods indicated in the Attachment.

Staff Members Responsible:
Colin Dempsey, Director, District Operations, Technology, and Sustainability Supports (DOTSS)Cheryl Aker, Contracts, Rule, and Finance Manager, DOTSS     

Instructional Materials Recommended for 2023–2027 Renewal