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April 6, 2022 Committee of the Full Board Item 9

Proclamation 2024 of the State Board of Education Advertising for Bids on Instructional Materials 

April 8, 2022


SUMMARY: This item provides an opportunity for the State Board of Education (SBOE) to issue Proclamation 2024, calling for instructional materials for science, technology applications, and specified courses in career and technical education. Instructional materials submitted in response to Proclamation 2024 would be scheduled for adoption by the SBOE in November 2023.

STATUTORY AUTHORITY: Texas Education Code (TEC), §31.022

TEC, §31.022 requires the SBOE to adopt rules to provide for a full and complete investigation of instructional materials for each subject in the foundation curriculum and for each subject in the enrichment curriculum.

The full text of statutory citations can be found in the statutory authority section of this agenda.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION AND JUSTIFICATION: In May 2010, the board voted to postpone Proclamation 2012 indefinitely. In its place, the board issued a Request for Supplemental Science Materials for science, grades 5–8, Biology, Chemistry, Integrated Physics and Chemistry (IPC), and Physics. Proclamation 2014 was issued by the SBOE in April 2012, calling for instruction materials for math, K–8; Spanish Math, K–5; technology applications, K–12; science, K–8; Spanish science, K–5; and high school science. All career and technical education (CTE) courses were included as part of Proclamation 2017, issued in April 2015. After Proclamation 2017, the board decided to spread the future requests for CTE instructional materials across multiple proclamations. A draft of Proclamation 2024 was presented to the board at the January 2022 meeting and posted for public comment.

A revised adoption cycle for instructional materials was approved by the SBOE in January 2012. The cycle was adjusted in July 2017. The adoption cycle was revised again in September 2019. The SBOE most recently revised the adoption cycle in April 2021.

MOTION TO BE CONSIDERED: The State Board of Education:

Approve Proclamation 2024 of the State Board of Education Advertising for Bids for Instructional Materials.

Staff Members Responsible:
Melissa Lautenschlager, Director, Instructional Materials and Implementation
Amie Williams, Director, Instructional Materials Review and Procurement

Attachment I:
Proclamation 2024 of the State Board of Education Advertising for Bids on Instructional Materials (Draft)