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September 1, 2021 Committee of the Full Board Item 4

Update on the Review of Proclamation 2022 Instructional Materials

September 1, 2021


SUMMARY: The State Board of Education issued Proclamation 2022 in April 2020, calling for instructional materials for health education and physical education. Products submitted in response to Proclamation 2022 were reviewed in the summer of 2021. This item provides an opportunity for staff to update the SBOE on the review of Proclamation 2022 instructional materials.

STATUTORY AUTHORITY: Texas Education Code (TEC), §31.022.

TEC, §31.022(a) requires the SBOE to adopt a review and adoption cycle for instructional materials for elementary grade levels, including prekindergarten, and secondary grade levels, for each subject in the required curriculum.

TEC, §31.022(b) requires the SBOE to adopt rules to provide for a full and complete investigation of instructional materials for each subject in the foundation curriculum.

The full text of statutory citations can be found in the statutory authority section of this agenda.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION AND JUSTIFICATION: Proclamation 2022 was issued by the SBOE in April 2020. Amendments to Proclamation 2022 were approved at the April 2021 SBOE meeting. The board ratified a deadline extension in Proclamation 2022 extending the publisher deadline for submitting preliminary and final correlations, pre-adoption samples, and related deliverables and to allow publishers more time to create materials aligned to the newly revised Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS).

The review of Proclamation 2022 instructional materials concluded in July 2021. A public hearing regarding instructional materials submitted for adoption by the SBOE under Proclamation 2022 is included as a separate item in this agenda.

Staff Members Responsible:
Melissa Lautenschlager, Director, Instructional Materials and Implementation
Amie Williams, Director, Review and Adoption

Separate Exhibit I:  Proclamation 2022 Preliminary Report on Instructional Materials Under Consideration for Adoption
Separate Exhibit II:  Proclamation 2022 Report of Required Corrections
Separate Exhibit III: Proclamation 2022 Report of Editorial Changes
Separate Exhibit IV: Proclamation 2022 State Review Panel Comments
(to be provided at the September 2021 SBOE meeting)