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September 11, 2020 Consent Agenda



September 11, 2020

Decision on the Percentage Distribution of the Permanent School Fund for Fiscal Years 2022 and 2023 and Related Fund Transfers

This item provides an opportunity for the board to evaluate and approve the Permanent School Fund percentage distribution rate for fiscal years 2022 and 2023. The board will consider various factors associated with the distribution rate such as expected returns, inflation, student growth, and current economic conditions. The board may also consider and approve any transfers in the current biennium that could impact the distribution in the best interest of the Permanent School Fund. Additionally, this item provides the opportunity for the board to discuss anticipated instructional material needs for the 2022-2023 biennium. Statutory authority for this action is the Texas Constitution, Article VII, §2 and §5; Texas Education Code (TEC), §43.0051; and 19 Texas Administrative Code (TAC) Chapter 33.